Thursday, January 5, 2012

steps to create facebook page

Quick easy steps to create facebook page tab are as follows.

Step 1: Login to facebook account.
Step 2: Open url in browser.
Step 3: In right hand section, find “create new app” button and click it.
Add display name, namespace is optional and select agree checkbox.
Step 4: Once its saved it will load next page where you can find settings in the “Basic” section of your apps in the Developer App under ‘Select how your app integrates with Facebook’. Click ‘Page Tab’ to expand the Page Tab settings, and the Page Tab fields will appear, here you have to add the tab name, and application url & Secure Page Tab URL e.g. secure url is mandatory now. Click on save changes. On same page you can find “App ID:” at the top copy it somewhere in notepad/ text editor.
Step 5: Now open url in another tab and click on create page button and create page.
Step 6: Adding an App/ page tab to a Page.
Open new tab and pest following url into that. It will show “chose facebook page” dropdown. now select the newly created page. Dont forget to replace
“YOUR_APP_ID” with application id copied in step 4 and “YOUR_URL” with “application url” used in step 4.
Format :
Sample URL :
If you follow all the steps correctly it should add page tab in newly newly created page. Just refresh/ reload page thats all !!.

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