Thursday, January 5, 2012

jQuery UI 1.8 features

jQuery UI 1.8 just released. The biggest changes are, of course, the new widgets themselves.
  • Core – the core of jQuery UI, required for all interactions and widgets
  • Widget – the widget factory, base for all widgets
  • Mouse – the mouse widget, a base class for all interactions and widgets with heavy mouse interaction
  • Position – a utility plugin for positioning elements relative to other elements

The Position Utility

With this, you can position any element relative to any other, or even relative to the parent window or your mouse.

The Button Widget

With the button widget you can create a fully theme-able button from any imaginable element you want to use as a native button.Traditionally buttons had an input type of submit, reset, image or button, but progressively developers are creating from elements such as anchor tags.  The Button widget makes this an attractive alternative for developers who want new styles to their website.

The Autocomplete Widget

This is maybe the most requested feature, which made it into the latest release of jQuery UI – The Autocomplete. The Autocomplete widget makes any text input field pop up a menu to help the user in completing their search or entry, provide suggestions and improvements to search criteria they’re entering.

jQuery UI 1.8 you can download from:

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