Thursday, November 17, 2011

jQuery cheat sheet

Cheat Sheets are really helpful for new jquery learners to call up the things quickly. As a developer I take so much help from these cheat sheets.  Below you can find some most popular and very useful jQuery cheat sheet collection on the Internet.
jQuery 1.5 Visual Cheat Sheet
jQuery Visual Cheat Sheet, the refined and updated version of the popular woork’s jQuery Cheat Sheet. The new edition includes all the reference you will ever need for jQuery
jQuery 1.4.2 Visual Cheat Sheet
jQuery 1.3 Cheatsheet
jQuery 1.3 cheat sheet wallpaper
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jQuery cheatsheet wallpaper
jQuery Selectors
jQuery selectors are one of the most important aspects of the jQuery library. These selectors use familiar CSS syntax to allow page authors to quickly and easily identify any set of page elements to operate upon with the jQuery library methods. Understanding jQuery selectors is the key to using the jQuery library most effectively. This reference card puts the power of jQuery selectors at your very fingertips.
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