Thursday, November 13, 2008

Want to run iis and apache same machine

To run both Apache and IIS web server simultaneously
Download PHP from I get the zip package because I think it is just as easy, and gives me control over setup and install. Once installed the apache sever will run automaticllay in tray. It should definately give errors that port 80 is already occupied.
This is because IIS is utilizing port 80. To overcome this problem shut down iis before installation of apache or leave it like it is. However, you have to decide whether you want to use port 80 for iis or apache.
To change apache's default port:

1)start ->control panel->Administrative tools->Services->stop APache2

2)Open the Apache config File C:\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf or go through
Start -> All Programs -> ApachePhpMysql(if u have installed ApachePhpMysql

other wise look for other path but the file name will remain same)->

Config -> Apache (notepad file)

look for Listen .In my Computer its on line no. 10

change 80 to 8080(preffered) or some othe no.

save the file and close it.

3)start ->control panel->Administrative tools->Services->start APache2

4)open Web browser and type http://localhost:8080/

if the screen shows "Apache is working" (in bold letters), you r done

5)Next you can run through http://localhost/

So Now both of your servers can run together.

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