Saturday, October 18, 2008

SnagIt  is a screen capture software compatible with Firefox 2, IE 7, Microsoft Office 2007 programs and Windows Vista.

 it will save you all kinds of valuable time by well done each capture and processing of the image easily that you will be done with your capture screen work very quickly.

  • capture a region of your screen

  • capture a window in a screen

  • capture an entire (scrolling) web page...WITH links kept intact! Yup, new feature here!

  • save a capture in about 28 different file formats

  • save to PDF format! Yes! Another new feature!

  • capture text from things like Windows Explorer...such as a list of all your files that you can drop into a Word doc to sort or email to someone!

  • record a VIDEO of your screen, such as the moves you made to mess up your computer!

  • capture all the images off a web page, in one click

  • get captures from DirectX game screens

  • create your own capture profiles with all your settings so you can get just the shot you need with one click

  • setup time shots to capture images of what's on your screen every few seconds, minutes or whatever interval you set

  • easily add numerous, very cool looking 3D annotation graphics to highlight your screen shots

  • add edge effects to images with a click

  • take quick shots of something you see on your screen and email the image to friends with a click

  • batch convert hundreds of images to set resolutions, new formats, add effects, resize or whatever you one click, while not affecting the original images

  • capture documents to PDF format, that can even be annotated before you save the final PDF format

  • capture screen shots that are larger than your screen

  • quickly add your own watermark to hundreds of images so no one can swipe your photos without knowing where they came from

  • take a screen shot and add interactive hotspots! You guessed it, another new feature.

  • create a photo web page in a few seconds, with hundreds of images

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